May 03, 2006

If I Were A Hair Stylist

Do you ever think about what your life would be like if you had chosen a different path career-wise?

I do.

I snuck out at lunch today and got my hair cut. When I lived in the city, I spent big bucks on hair cuts – paying mostly for the “experience”, although I always somehow found a stylist that cut the hair of famous people, thereby justifying their ability to charge me at least $100 for a cut. One of the most unique places I’ve had my hair cut was at the Spaghetti & Ravioli Project in San Francisco. Two men cut your hair – one cuts it when wet, the second after it’s been blown dry. And, they have no mirrors so you have no idea what you look like until it’s finished.

It wasn’t until I met Runar, a crazy, ultra-cool, super-thin, proudly-gay, fabulous, amazingly-interesting stylist that I felt like I was home. HE was the experience I was looking for. I wanted my hair cut to be entertainment. And entertainment it was. Luckily for me, he was also good at cutting hair, but this guy was so much fun to be around I would have likely paid him to cut my hair even if he wasn’t any good at cutting it. In retrospect I guess, I was in a way paying for his friendship.

Runar’s lifestyle was enviable. It was after meeting him that I thought that I could easily live the life of a hair stylist. I would want to be known for the fun and funky cuts in town. I often think about different career choices … so, in light of the fact that May is the month during which we celebrate Mother’s Day, I thought I’d document a few of my interests so that, if nothing else, V will know a bit more about his mom when he’s older and reads through all these posts …

Careers I Would Like to Try
Wine Maker. I love wine, I love the wine country and I love food. Owning my own vineyards and producing my own wine would be a dream come true.

Mail Deliverer. Ever since they were allowed to start wearing shorts during the summer months I thought that this job would be perfect for me. Just plug in my iPod and spend the day getting plenty of exercise – all while getting paid!

Shoe and/or Eye Wear Designer. I love shoes and I love glasses and would love to be able to design and sell both.

Architect. I’d like to design and build homes. I’d design homes with basements, beautiful porches and garages in the back of the property. With beautiful molding and features that every woman would appreciate. It’s so obvious that many of today’s homes are designed by men and it’s a shame.

Something on a Cruise Ship. I wish I had thought about this right out of college. I’m too old now, but working on a cruise ship when I was younger would have been too much fun.

Ski Lift Operator. For no other reason than getting a free ski pass for the entire season.

I know there’s more to add to this list, but I seem to be drawing a blank at the moment. I’m sure I’ll think of more and will add them throughout the month … the month celebrating Moms everywhere! It’s all about us, ladies!


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