June 22, 2006

Three Days to Potty Train?

I’ve said it here before, and I’ll say it again, I’m trying not to stress about potty training and the fact that my two and a half year old is showing no interest. Zero. Zip. Nada-damn bit.

I know that V will NOT be a ten year old still wearing diapers. Logically I know this. I don’t believe in pushing him until he’s ready and the kid just isn’t showing any signs of being ready. He, in fact, announced to me that he likes his diapers. Oy.

A girlfriend recently gave me a 16-or-so page document about potty training in three days time. Have you heard of this? Has any of you tried it? I’ve read through the document and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it. The basic concept is that on day one you throw all of your diapers away and put underwear on your child. No training pants – only real underwear. Then, you give the child as much liquid as the kid will consume. Naturally, this will result in frequent urination and, being that you need to stay close to your child the entire three days, you will see when he/she begins to urinate. At that point, you pick him/her up and carry him/her to the potty. Should the child finish the duty in the potty, you celebrate and celebrate big. This lady suggests that at some point during the three days, after your child has had enough of peeing on him/herself that it will click and they will forever be potty trained (with the exception of a few accidents now that then).

The girlfriend that gave me the document swears by it and tells me she has six friends that all had success. Three days. All it takes. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? More than anything, I’m having a hard time coming up with three consecutive days during which we have little or no plans to leave the house … perhaps I should have considered this in the middle of winter instead!

I would really, really LOVE to hear your input on this. Anyone?


Anonymous Karen said...

I don't know about 3 days... but w/ my youngest, he spent maybe 5 or 6 in nothing but underwear, and we changed them ALOT. he was closer to 3, I think- I had to just buckle down & do it, and a LOT of laundry. I was never a big fan of pullups,except when we were going somewhere or at night. Good Luck.

1:27 PM  
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Blogger Mommyoftwobeauties said...

Im going through it still right now with my soon to be 4 yr old daughter, there are days shes right in a row and very consistent..then whoosh she doesnt feel like it and its back to the drawing board..ugh

5:56 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

yes, the 3 day method works. I have a 20yr old, 17 yr old, and now a 21 month old that we will be training soon. 20yrs was a while ago! and I could not remember how to potty train!! LOL! Really, you forget a LOT of stuff. Anyway, so I googled it, and then remembered the book I used to have, how to potty-train in 3 days. The other tip I have not seen yet on the sites I have read that was in my long-ago book is to walk your child to the potty each time they have an accident. But the 3-day method described on most sites is the same from 20yrs ago. It totally worked with both my other two. HOWEVER, you do have to make sure they have all the signs of readiness.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it works.
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1:44 PM  

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