June 01, 2006

The Who, What, Where's

We've officially entered in to the everything’s-a-question .. the-same-question-fifteen-times-in-a-row phase. I think it’s been creeping up on us, but yesterday was the first time I noticed it full blown.

“What do, mama?”
“What’s that?”

These three questions, or a variety thereof, firing at me like that carnival game we’ve all played where a water pistol squirts a steady stream of water at a balloon.. He’s the pistol. I’m the balloon. And I’m about to pop.

I know I’m in for a long and bumpy ride of never-ending questions. I also know that he’s a curious little boy who genuinely wants to know things. What I don’t know is why he can’t understand that if he asks me “Where are we going?” and I tell him that “We’re going home” why does he then proceed to ask me the exact same question a million more times. Does he not understand my answer? Is he so busy thinking up his next question that he’s not listening to me? Is he an alien? Am I?

I am making an effort to try not to use some of the phrases my mom regularly used with me:

“Because I said so”
“I don’t know why”
“Just because”

My friends tell me I’m creative so I need to somehow tap in to my creative juices to keep myself entertained while my kid keeps asking question after question after question. Any suggestions??


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